DJ Jose

Energizing, talented and able to reinvent himself continually: Jose is a true crack in the field of dance music.
His reputation of producing consecutive hits, both on his own and in collaboration with others, has brought him fame worldwide. Jose has become a familiar face in both the Dutch and international club scene, and is in great demand for many major events.
Jose has his own unique contemporary style derived from a smorgasbord of music genres. He has a knack for creating an identifiable groove, which is accessible without being commercial.
With so many years experience, Jose is able to easily read his audience. He understands that the dance music of the nineties (with the focus mainly on pace) has evolved into a deeper sound: people are looking for more subtle tones, salient vocals and energetic tracks. Jose is determined to take his audience on a journey by maintaining communication with the crowd from his DJ booth, and relentless evaluation of his own work.

Jos Klaster was born on the 24th of March 1966 in Meppel. Music has been his passion since he was a young child. As a teenager he discovered the ‘power of mixing’ with records such as “Relax” (Frankie Goes to Hollywood) and “High Energy” (Evelyn Thomas). He first took to the decks at school dances in Steenwijk, using his own name.
His talent was immediately appreciated and he was offered a gig as resident DJ in the club “Chez Jean” (Steenwijk) at an early age. Offers from other clubs quickly followed suit. Jos became a phenomenon in the area, spinning in clubs such as “Locomotion” (Steenwijk) and “Lord Nelson” (Meppel), on a regular basis. Jos could also be found presenting several different radio shows with the local radio station (SLOS).
At 24, he was DJ-ing at “Music hall X-Ray” in Zwolle when a manager decided to enter him in a mixing competition for Dance Update, organized by Alex van Oostrom. As his name Jos Klaster did not exactly capture his groove, he was renamed DJ JOSE, and it is with this name that he became an integral part of the club scene in Holland. He could be found playing in most Dutch clubs and discos, and worked closely with drive-in shows, all of which further expanded his newly found fame.
In 1996, Jos became the A&R and product manager for the record label Ala Bianca BLX and Media Records BLX. By 2001 however, the increase in demand for Jose was overwhelming, and he quit the record label to continue working as a full-time DJ.
Jose is in high demand internationally, having played in Turkey, Albania, Greece and Israel. He is still actively DJ-ing in Spain, Norway, Poland, Russia and the Dutch Antilles. Jose is no stranger to events such as Mysteryland, Dance Valley, Free Festival and Trance Energy, and he is a resident DJ at Exceptionnel, Filemon in Utrecht, Peppermint Club on Tour, Ibiza Catamaran Parties and AMS2IBZ.

Producer – Discography
In the world of production, Jose is responsible for a great number of top hits. His hit singles “Wrong=Right” (1998) and “House of Justice” (1999), were followed by “II Symbols” (2001), “Access” (2001) and “Hesitate” (2003). This last single was an international hit in England, Austria and Germany.
The follow up to this single took a while, but two years later “Stepping to the Beat” (2005) was on the Top Hit Lists in England, France, Spain and Portugal. The majority of these singles were produced in collaboration with DJ/Producer G-Spott (Richard van Schooneveld).
In 2006 Jose released his single “Dedication”, the result of his collaboration with DJ/Producer John Marks. The single was a huge success abroad, but was less warmly received in Holland. However, with the release of “Turn the Lights Off”, Jose was able to win the Dutch crowd over, proving that he can score top hits in his homeland. In the spring of 2007, the single rose to the highest echelons of the Dutch Top 40 (not to mention in the Top Lists of 538 Dance Smash and Grand Slam by Slam FM). The single was also a hit on numerous European dance charts. The sequel, “Physical Attraction” was brought out in 2007 and received a Top 40 listing. This single was a staple classic on most radio play lists.
In 2009 Jose worked with John Marks again, this time on the singles “Like That” (538 Dance Smash), and “Killer Emotion” (Grand Slam/Slam FM). Also, “Turn The Lights Off” resurfaced and was brought out for worldwide release by Idol Incorporated Music Management in Denmark.
The release of “Rendez Vous” followed in January of 2011. This was the result of the collaboration between Jose and a popular producer of numerous big dance acts. The vocals on the single are by Stephan Pickup. In 2011, Jose re-released “Hesitate” and “DJ Jose presents: J.K. Music” (the latter of which was used by Roger Sanchez in his famous compilation album “Release Yourself”).
In July 2012, the single “You’re all I Need” is to be released, with vocal sampling from Phil Collins’ “Something Happened on the way to Heaven”. This release will be accompanied by a remix from House Legend Olav Basoski (Work/Spinning Records).

Pioneer DJ School
Jose is keen to share his knowledge, skills, energy and passion for the business with others. In 2011 he came across the Pioneer DJ School, a concept he got involved in. He has been working as their mixing instructor for the past year. By providing a solid basis of knowledge for talented, up-and-coming DJs, he is investing his skills and experience in the future of music, and making a positive contribution to society. Jose also gives Master Classes and DJ Clinic sessions to companies and private entities.